Professional activity

The firm’s activity is  linked to the reality of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of Monza, Milan, Varese, and Como. More specifically, the firm’s policy is to offer a 360 coverage to enterprises, offering a professional prepared to:

  • Support the enterprise during its development;
  • Satisfy  the business’ necessities;
  • Avert legal arguments and pre-empt the businesses’ future requirements.

The firm offers a direct connection with the professionals, and commits to constantly inform its clientele about normative developments which might affect its business, hence reinvigorating the parties’ professional relationship. This direct and long-lasting approach has always achieved considerable results:

  • offering strong guarantees to the enterprise…
  • ... which recognizes the presence of a willing, up-to-date, and experienced professional on whom to rely;
  • and resulting efficient for our lawyers

... who, through this approach, are constantly aware of the issues involving their client, and can prevent legal arguments and business controversies.

The firm’s professional counsel also supports the enterprise throughout its growth and corporate evolution, advising efficient and effective choices and strategies.


A firm envisioning enterprise and lawyer in a solid team, working toward a common goal.